Thinking of the historic Falcon Heavy launch makes it feel like it was yesterday, but actually it has been
LOADING since that iconic liftoff.

Since then, our buddy Starman has travelled quite a bit. The roadster is currently LOADING miles ( LOADING km, LOADING AU) removed from Earth, moving toward Earth at a velocity of LOADING mi/h ( LOADING km/h, LOADING km/s).

Mars is a mere LOADING miles ( LOADING km, LOADING AU) toward from the universe’ fastest mp3 player, with said gadget moving away from the red planet at a speed of LOADING mi/h ( LOADING km/h, LOADING km/s).

Starman isn’t going to get a tan anytime soon, as he is LOADING miles ( LOADING km, LOADING AU) from our Sun, moving toward from the star at a speed of LOADING mi/h ( LOADING km/h, LOADING km/s).

Since launch the vehicle has travelled an astounding LOADING miles, LOADING km, LOADING AU, which is enough to drive all of the world’s roads LOADING times. It’s doing this at a speed of LOADING mi/h ( LOADING km/h, LOADING km/s) without getting a single fine. At this speed and trajectory one orbital period is about 557 days.

The roadster proves to be quite fuel efficient, flying at LOADING miles per gallon ( LOADING km/liter, LOADING liters/100 km).

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